Michel had taken a lot of English classes before we started working together

Michel is a tv producer. We first met in 2011 and he started learning English then. He desperately needed to be fluent in English because most producers around the world speak English! Second, he wanted to feel confident, when he was discussing with them about his job and his projects. Third, as he is growing older, he was planning to spend more time in the United States.

After he completed his classes he felt comfortable. He even discovered in his brain, a new English side of him. Now he reads, sends emails, not only can he speak but he was able to negotiate by himself and bought a new condo in Florida. He says: “Everything I can do in French, I can now do in English!!!

Recently, in 2017, he started an advanced English class. This is what he told me…

Hi Susan,

How can I describe what you do Susan?

When I got up this morning my second (English) voice told me:

« Give coaching to your second voice » – Susan Doyle is a master in languages.

It is really what I have experienced with you since 2011. This is the reason WHY I have taken your classes.

Have a good day Susan